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Burglar alarm

Home burglar alarm

Home burglar alarm

La Patria Home alarm: ideal for all requirements

La Patria’s home burglar alarms offer complete protection ideal for any type of residential accommodation, such as apartments, condominium buildings and villas.

Our alarm systems provide a state-of-the-art visual surveillance system, rapid intrusion detection, and immediate and effective action in response to any emergency situation.

A complete anti-theft service for the protection of your home

The innovative solution A home alarm system by La Patria comprises infrared burglar alarm devices and sensors with built-in camera, in constant connection with the Operations Centre at our security firm, where specialized, expert security personnel are able to immediately identify the location of the intrusion, providing detailed and punctual information to the emergency patrol, enabling La Patria’s Security Guards to handle the situation.

By installing the La Patria burglar alarm system, your home is protected 7 days a week!

Installation and service of alarm systems for private homes

As part of the protection package for private homes offered by La Patria, the installation and maintenance of alarm systems is also included. The service is performed by highly specialized expert technicians, available on call or through scheduled periodic inspection of the anti-theft devices, ensuring that the alarm system components are functioning to perfection.

Monitoring for alarm system failures from the 24/7 Operations Centre

The home burglar alarm system’s direct connection with the 24/7 Operations Centre makes it possible to monitor any malfunctions in real time, promptly despatching professional technicians to solve the problem.

Istituto di Vigilanza La Patria designs standard and customized security systems offering services for the installation of plant and alarm systems for private homes across a territory that includes 200 municipalities in Piedmont and Lombardy, in addition to 120 municipalities in Emilia Romagna, above all in the provinces of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Milan, Varese, Monza Brianza, Novara and Como.

Every home is different and requires specific measures to ensure optimum protection against theft, attempts at intrusion, or other threats.

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