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Access Control

Access control system

Access control system for public bodies and associations

The access control system developed by Istituto di Vigilanza La Patria checks the movements of employees and visitors in specific areas of protected buildings, using radio frequency identification devices having an operating range of several meters.

This solution is based on a high-quality technology that allows the recognition of devices and passes through the use of electronic smart cards.

La Patria access control systems are available for installation in the offices of public bodies and associations present in 200 municipalities across Piedmont and Lombardy in addition to 120 municipalities in Emilia-Romagna, in particular the provinces of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Milan, Varese, Monza Brianza, Como and Novara.

Data collection from logs on access to the offices of public bodies and associations

The La Patria access control system collects data from electronic smart cards, making it possible to build up a precise historical archive of the presence of employees and visitors entering and exiting buildings, providing detailed information, including movements in particular rooms and areas.

Access control system supplemented by mechatronic devices

When access control systems are integrated with barriers, turnstiles, access restriction mechanisms and other mechatronic devices installed at entrances to public buildings, entrances are opened when a positive signal is given or automatically blocked if there is no recognition. The access enabled device can be installed inside a car or any type of vehicle, ensuring the automatic opening of the access barrier and allowing very secure and much faster recognition operations.

Rapid intervention in the event of break-ins at public bodies or associations

The La Patria access control systems are in constant touch with the Operations Centers 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and, in the event of break-in or violation of areas protected by the system, allow, if enabled, the immediate activation of the rapid response service on the part of alerted patrol units serving all the areas protected by this service.

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