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Body temperature

Body temperature

Measuring body temperature

Istituto di vigilanza La Patria has always been a market leader in the installation and management of the most sophisticated corporate security solutions. It has selected a range of thermal access control technologies for its customers. After painstaking study, the devices proposed by La Patria are able to detect, with a high degree of accuracy, the body temperature of people intending to enter any type of facility.

Misurazione Temperatura Corporea La Patria

Precision electronic thermometers

Qualified personnel, coordinated by La Patria and equipped with standard-compliant PPE and an electronic thermometer, are at the customer’s disposal for access control, checking the use of protective equipment provided by the company and measuring the temperature of employees, suppliers and customers.

This is an indispensable strategic service to be performed over an extended period of time in order to ensure complete and secure access control coverage.

Portable thermal imaging cameras

Portable thermal imaging cameras are devices that can detect abnormal temperatures of people entering business premises. These devices must be placed on a stand, and can operate in stand-alone mode or via connection to a PC with or without the aid of an operator.

The technology selected, whether or not it includes the Specialist Operator service coordinated by La Patria, has a cost that is tailored to each specific need.

Misurazione Temperatura Corporea La Patria
Misurazione Temperatura Corporea La Patria

Thermal access control device

These devices are ‘smart’ face recognition systems, endowed with the most advanced computer vision technologies, updated to temperature sensing needs, even if persons are wearing masks, in stand-alone mode, with or without the fixed presence of a specialist operator.

They can be used not only to measure body temperature but also to recognise entering in-house staff.

Fixed thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras for fixed stand-alone installations or connected to video surveillance systems already present on the customer’s premises can detect abnormal temperatures of people entering the business premises.

Compared with past systems, fixed thermal imaging cameras can measure temperatures more smoothly and quickly, for individuals or groups.

Misurazione Temperatura Corporea La Patria

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