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Security inspection

Security inspection for private homes

Security inspection for private homes

Istituto di Vigilanza La Patria offers inspection and security services for private homes across a territory that includes 200 municipalities inPiedmont and Lombardy in addition to 120 municipalities in Emilia Romagna, above all in the provinces of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Milan, Varese, Monza Brianza, Novara and Como.

This service includes targeted activities providingpreventive actions, deterrence , and rapid emergency response ensuring protection for the safety of your home.

Preventive inspection visits to homes by night patrols

The main preventive security activity offered by La Patria is the “patrol“, in other words an inspection service in the area of the property, above all during the night, scheduled at random times in order to verify the possible presence of intruders or tampering with the home’s perimeter security equipment, or the entrances of condominium buildings or other types of residential property.

Key holding service for security

The key holding service gives the Security Guards access to the property, with the utmost discretion and respect for privacy. The operations centre has complete control of the key safe supplied to each patrol in the area, and an electronic system based on the continuous exchange of keywords ensures absolute anonymity of the keys, providing additional security for the customer and the patrol.

Permanent security service or guard presence for homes/private residences

The permanent security guard service ensures a constant presence directly in the area to be patrolled, providing access control, protection of property and intervention in case of emergency.

Constant monitoring from 24/7 operations centre for home surveillance

The La PatriaOperations Centre is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and ensures continuous coordination of the emergency security patrols operating locally in the case of alarm, the constant monitoring of anti-theft or video surveillance systems, and threat alert for rapid response in case of danger.

Personalized consultancy and advice for home security services and alarm systems

La Patria brings you a complete service of personalized consultancy for the design, installation and maintenance of alarm, video surveillance, medical alert and fire prevention systems. You can choose to adapt and customize the service according to your specific needs by complementing the operation of security guards with the most advanced technological systems in the field of security.

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