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Operations center

Operations center

Operations Center for coordination of patrols for surveillance of premises of public bodies and associations

The 24h Operations Center of Istituto di Vigilanza La Patria (one located in Bologna and one in Busto Arsizio) coordinate all security and monitoring servicesover an area covering 200 municipalities across Piedmont and Lombardy in addition to 120 municipalities in Emilia Romagna, in particular in the provinces of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Milan, Varese, Monza Brianza, Como and Novara.

In addition to the constantmonitoring of alarm systems installed in public buildings and in the offices of associations covered by La Patria surveillance services, the Operations Center manages reports in real time, immediately activating rapid response procedures through the local patrol units , to handle any type of emergency, be it an attempted robbery or burglary or a sudden illness suffered by a facility employee.

Patrols in constant contact with the Operations Center

La Patria patrol units are equipped with a tablet device connected to the Operations Center, allowing the Security Guard on patrol to immediately have access to all the data needed to perform the security service in the best possible way.

The device installed on the patrol vehicle is completely “cloaked,” that is customized with a cybersecurity system that makes it impossible to exit the application. There is also the option of activating a GPS device with the address of the target preloaded, in order to arrive promptly at the scene of the emergency.

The Security Guards can operate completely independently in the field, consulting a simplified customer database, but which contains notes about the setting in which they must operate, such as the presence of guard dogs on given premises or any other hazard, so as to be able to intervene promptly and without risks.

The speed of data acquisition by each patrol unit and ease of consultation thus guarantee the best performance of each member of the security team both on site and on the move.

Highly advanced software for alarm control and management in public bodies or associations

Completely developed in-house, the software used by La Patria Operations Centers has the primary aim of making all security and coordination services carried out by specialist operators faster and more effective, while at the same time increasing the value proposition to the end customer.

This innovative software includes in a single system all the fundamental tools needed to manage alert situations:

  • reception and handling of reports
  • phone-customer integration
  • interaction with customers’ video links

The greatest advantage of centralization through the use of this software is that of having a simpler and optimal management of one or more emergency situations that might occur simultaneously in one place.

Constant monitoring and rapid response in the event of an alert

Centrale operativa e servizi di sicurezza e vigilanza h24 La Patria

Operations Center operators work in an ad hoc structure, to which access is controlled and monitored, coordinating interventions and staying in touch with local patrol units that cover cities and regions, ensuring rapid responses in the event of alerts and dangers.

Highly qualified operators and professionally trained Security Guards

The quality of the security service offered by La Patria is also based on the highly specialized training of Operations Center operators, trained in the use of the latest intruder surveillance and monitoring systems installed in private homes, and on the professional training given to Security Guards working in the field to deal with emergencies.

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