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Measuring body temperature

Misurazione Temperatura Corporea La Patria

Istituto di vigilanza La Patria has always been a market leader in the installation and management of the most sophisticated corporate security solutions. It has selected a range of thermal access control technologies for its customers. After painstaking study, the devices proposed by La Patria are able to detect, with a high degree of accuracy, the body temperature of people intending to enter any type of facility.


La Patria works across a wide network of services to ensure comprehensive coverage of all security aspects, from the functional assessment of interiors to solutions that are customized in terms of both technology and personnel. The Operations Centre is at the core all activities: it coordinates and develops synergical connections between the various areas of […]

Governmental Authorities & Special Activities

Collective security and public venues with complex logistical characteristics call for careful risk assessment, the deployment of experienced personnel, and support from cutting-edge technology in monitoring and controlling the respective spaces, enabling personalized security in terms of both preventive actions and rapid response and supervision. Airports, military installations, railway stations and all types of public […]

Business and retail

A preventive service operating at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring the security of stores, commercial and professional activities, utilizing the most advanced remote control technology in combination with patrols and rapid response services. Businesses of all sizes, professional firms, but equally trade fairs and congress organizers, can request a […]


System architectures, video surveillance systems based on motion sensors, infrared volumetric sensors, anti-intrusion and video surveillance systems to monitor and supervise even the most peripheral areas of production sites, whether these be industrial facilities, building sites, farms or other activities in which large areas have to be protected. Risk analysis and the latest technology available […]


A reliable partner that safeguards homes and people by means of its modular products, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, professional expertise and customized service, ensuring protection, rapid response and efficacy. La Patria accompanies you in all your needs for family protection, starting from the formulation of the most suitable system for your home, be it an apartment, […]

Fire protection

Impianto Antincendio

La Patria’s fire protection systems detect smoke and rising temperatures in offices and retail businesses, and they are a valuable tool for fire prevention and safety. By means of fire protection sensors and a localization system, the Operations Centre promptly identifies the affected area and notifies the Fire Department of the need for intervention and […]

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